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Almost leaving....
Well, I'm about to leave the office for today.

I think I'll work a little at home, when I qrrive there; it depends on how my eldest behaves.....

Being almost 4 years old with him is like riding a wild stubborn ponny!
I understand that he is trying and experimenting with the limits arround him but sometimes he is just to much! :-))))
I do smile for myself, sometimes, but I can't let him realise that and sometimes is quite hard to put up the ungry father's face when I'm just understanding his motivations underneath....

Anyway, I just hope that this bumpy and rough road is a short one as people arround him not always can put up with the energy necessary to keep up with him whem he startes on his stubborness.....

He is such a baby sometimes.... The problem is that being so stubborn, when he decides to be so, just slows down his growing and learning and learn that the world just doesn't revolve arround him and that for his right to want and not want things, there is also the other's rights and that is from the compund result of all wills involved that anything can or cannot be done.

Well, I'm out, really.

I just wish you all a good rest of day, wherever you might be, in this planet or in LJ land!