António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

A tonight's event has sheaded a new light over a number of yet imperfectlly defined details but, at the same time, make it possible to see much more clearlly the thunderstorm that is building up in a yet somewhat far horizon....

I'm always amazed how some people can turn up a report situation (even more beeing an important one) in a very, to much nosy event in which almost all sense and objectivity is lost within the static...
I mean, I've learned that in everything are essencial elements and all others do carry the probability of beeing just noise for that particular purpouse although they might be trully important in other contexts. But whenever they are brought out of context, not beeing relevant for the fundamental issue beeing vehicled, they will only make much more hard to mantain objectivity.

Personally I must say that has been quite hard to me to mantain an objective view, and trying not just answer back as I feel to...
Only, if I do that, I'll be just making everything more dificult and I don't want that as I don't see any gain in that for everyone involved.
Parhaphs it's just two diferent views of the same events; Parhaps I'm speeking chinese, the other part swailli....
But considering the whole events, even in rectrospective, it's easy (I think) to see the points where there should be more care from both sides to avoid some friction that has developed throughout time. Or else, it was there all the time and it's just the consequence of the laid down path that makes positions becoming more and more appart....

It's sad, at leas to me, see things ending up this way, mainlly as responsability will be (as always) from both sides; one might not be willing to change the other might not know how or any thing like that. But result is almost always the same.

I've been doing what I'm doing right now for to much time and with the necessity to give up from to much, just to abandon and leave it... There would be quite a lot of different things that would fail and fall down first!
And that hurts, trully.
Most of the effort is not visible as has to do with things that are necessary but might not be the most visible ones; but I know exactly where it is and even it is not seen or recognized by all, there are others that have seen it throughout time and know that I'm not lying.

Parhaps, expectations are different; Parhaps, goals are also different.
I won't be judge in self cause even that might hurt me and put me in a more complex situation.
I'll remain truthfull to what I do believe it's right and if that is not enough to make the boat sail, I'll be sad but will accept ALL consequences.

As more than once I've said, time will tell and when I do say time, I'm not necessarelly speaking in a short or medium time frame....

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