António José (ajose) wrote,
António José


Isn't that wondefull when having some problems with the delivery of email to just one site, and aparentlly the mail being rejected by it's destiny address, the person responsible for the computers, over there, just sais the poblem isn't theirs as they receive mail from everywhere?


Isn't better to establish contact and try to see where is the problem, if there is any?
I've composed emails directlly in the destiny email server to any of the reported addresses not receving the mail and, so far, it has been accepted and not delivered back.

So, clarlly, the problem is from this side, isn't it? :-))))

And the person suposed to be the postmaster from the other side haven't yet replyed to any of the emails sent to him....

oh! The joys and pleasures of being a sysadmin and doing helpdesk! :-)))))

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