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One thing that left me sad was the story that ....

Sorry to all...
Unfortunelly, this part of my last post didn't get through, probabilly due to a mistake of mine.
I'll try to reproduce it by memory and post it here, now.

One thing that left me sad was the story that Melanie told us about the cat she brought home from the vet.
I'm sure that the cat needs a home and love and affection of someone that trully loves him.

Personally I think that the whole event doen't prove a damn thing that she isn't a good mom... By the contrary!
If she wasn't a good mom (and I'm sure Tina can prove it better than anybody!) she would't be sensible to the fact that Tina misses a company that once she had and the fact that she thought that she could try to make them go along.
But is a hard fact that a grown up cat that grew up without the close contact with a dog and vice-versa are very dificult to get used to each other...
To start with there are a number of elements on their gestual part of their language that are enough diferent and even sometimes contradictory to make misunderstandigs more than probable if they didn't grew acostumed to each other when they were 4 to 12 weeks.

But does that mean tha Melanie can consider herself a bad mom because she was not succeded in her atempt?
I don't think so.
And I don't think I'm wrong... Although my main experience is with cats and have a very little experience with dogs, I think that I've read enough about it that together with my own personal experience, make me certain of it, until I'm proved to be wrong....

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