António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

The Blood Of CuChulainn....

While I have Battle Chess playing against itself (anyone remebers the old Interplay's Battle Chess for MS-DOS?.....) I'm listening to "The Blood Of CuChulainn", from "A Celtic Romance" bu Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna.

It tells the Legend Of Liadain An Curithir, based on a medieval legend anad story.

What is that with some musics that touch so deeply inside and makes us feel in a certain way, even when that was not the feeling that I was feeling before....
I don't know what but there is something in these musics that have something to do with me; I don't know if it is the instruments, the music itself (not the lyrics in this case as this is just an instrumental play), or anything else....

Does this just make old and ancestral memories of passed expiriences and lives to come to the present?
Or is just the sound, the rythm, the environment and ambience it evoquesa and recals?

I don't know.
But somehow this particular music has something to do with chess; at least, that's how I feel it.
A battle, for a cause, be it to learn, for a love or to help those who need our help, or just to be brave and capable to be depended upon, it has something in common.

But I'm happy today, although a little bit nostalgic. Probably from the music.
I finally found Battle Chess (in an almost 10 year old diskette) and this is important as I'm trying to teach chess to my eldest son.
He is only 3 years and 9 monts old right now but I feel that is the time for him to start learning how to move the pieces.
If it catches his interest and he starts wanting to learn and to play, that he will have one powerfull tool to help him develop his mind and his capacity to think and deal with problem solving.

I'm perfectlly aware that I can't just ignore the power of the games, specially those who can be played on a computer.
But I don't want neither him or his brother just to develop their hand and figer agility without developing alse their mind.
So, chess is very good. In fact, all games that require a lot of thinking are.
Chess is very simple to start with but, at the same time, it's a universe.
If he learnes how to put his energy into the solution of a game of chess, than I think that he will have overcome his major challange in this life. He has lots of energy and he needs to learn how to deal with it.
The sooner, the better.
No one can be holding him for ever, telling what he can or can't do.
He has to learn that there are always rules, rules that normally are not of our choosing, and that, in a way, one must comply to them if one want's to arrive anywhere.
Latter, he can learn that he can make his own rules, as he learns what is responsability and starts learning Dharma, duty, and evrything else that is so needed to be learned.

A simple game like Battle Chess, for MS-DOS, that can be played in his 286 computer (he has to start somewhere, hasn't he?), that inforces the rules of the game and can play with wim, I think that can aid to build up his interest in the game and, thus, in problem solving.

So, let's see who this goes.
And might be that I'm putting wood under my own feet and that sometime latter it might catch on fire.....
But what would life be withou any challanges to face?
Happily, I have, at least, 2!

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