António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Now I have one more cat here with us....
Is a little female cat, european with short hair, all black and has been named Blackie Baghera II (as we had already one, like her all black, named Blackie Baghera....).

She and Vickie are getting allong well and I think they will be always together. In the first and second days she was distanr, shy but I think she is more as ease now...

One thing that left me sad was the story that <A HREF=">Melanie</A> wrote today about the cat she brought from the vet... I don't think she is or will give a bad mom... By the contrary! A grown up dog and a grown up cat hardly will ever get along. There are to many differencies in the gestual part of their languages (some even contradictory) to make it possible (unless in trully exceptional cases...). If a cat or a dog aren't used to the other on their socialization age (from 4 to 12 weeks), it will be very hard to make them go along... But it is sad, trully, anyway as the cat needs a home and some one that really cares for him and loves him. And I'm sad I'm so far away I can't help or do anything! But, on the other way, that's good as I'm crazy enough for cats to give it a try.... See you all later!

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