António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Today I got up late.
I was so tired I couldn't got up earlier. The fact is that ended up to change the whole day; anyway, I did acomplished some of the things I had setup to do.

Well, after more than an hour in the Post Office to renew my pobox I went to the bank to deposit PTE.
As long as I have them, I'm planing not to use PTE anymore unless I really need it (in coins) because of a machine that only accepts coins and hasn't been changed yet.
Anyway, as PTE will go out of circulation by the end of February, any necessary changes will be performed quite fast, I'm sure.

Then I came here, to work, and have been working here, on the computers.
I have some changes to preform but first I must end the recording of the contents that are still on the disk. But I think that maybe by tomorow or in the weekend, I'll have this complete.

In a few minutes I'll leave for home but I wanted to wish you all, first, a good night and we'll meet again here, tomorrow.
See you all later, then.

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