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Merry Christmas!!!
I just want to wish you all a very good and Merry, Merry Christhmas!!!

I'm almost out from work (yes, I had to come today, to sove some problems, here!) and going home to start the preperatives for this night.
So, probably I won't be here but tomorrow....

Anyway, I do wish you exactly the same I would wish to me!

Merry Christmas to you All and to everyone in LJ land!

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Hey how nice I was jjst coming by to wish you a merry Christmas. I love your kitty picture.

Big warm holiday hugs,

A Merry Christmas to you and all yours!

And thanks for your wishes, too!

As to the image, is the image of a cat that I found on the Internet and I think it is lovely. As I love cats so much, so I choosed it for my image.

Merry Christmas to you too Antonio :)

And to you too!
And lots of snow (although I know you prefer a warmer weather!....) as here, in Lisbon is almos impossible to have snow, here!...

We don't get much snow in Vancouver. Perhaps, two or three days at most, and it's quickly washed away by the winter rains. Our winters consist of rain, rain, and more rain. We're straight north of Seattle, WA if that gives you any indication of our location. The vast majority of Canadians do however, have lots of snow to contend with over the winter months.

Mild temps in Vancouver (as compared with the rest of Canada) but, I could definitely do with a bit more sunshine ;)


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