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A slow day....
I'm still listening to Tubular Bells III, today.

Well, when I like a music, or any other thing, for that matter, I can listen to it for a long, long time.
I think that's why some musics do mark some periods of my life and do remain attached so memories, thoughts, etc.

Today it has been a somehow slow day as I did stay all night up working on my Mex4th.
I'm tired but happy as I made some important progresses.
I just wish I could have more time to just program and not have other issues to attend to but, right now, I'm more System Administrator than just a programmer.
Well, let's see if in the next year things can be a little different....

Well, I'm almost out for today (yes, today I must sleep and go to bed not to late, I know!), so we'll meet here again, tommorow in LJ land!

And to corto's son, Ed, my true wishes he can be good in no time!

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I am the same way. I have been listening to the same songs by the same artist for about 2 months. =)

Happy Holidays and best wishes to your family!

Thanks and Happy Holidays and best wishes tou you and your familly, too!

And about you returning to Mexico or not, you'll see that everything will arrange for the better.
Every one has advantages and disadvantages, so sometimes it realy hard to make a choice.
List all the options, all the advantages and disadvantages from both, and then, having thought thouroughly about that, with yours, and go to sleep, forgetting the whole subject.
You'll see that, from nowhere, you'll arrive to a conclusion and a decision!

Thanks for the advice about the lists - I'll do it and see what I come up with!

Thanks for the advice about the lists - I'll do it and see what I come up with!

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