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(no subject)
I've been specially busy in these last days and almost no time has been available for LJ... :-((

That's something I do regret but can't change right now.

Anyway, yesterday was a special day as I went with my wife and my eldest to the circus!
And it was good!
This is one of the few circus that do exist here in Portugal where, unfortunelly, there is no real support to any one of the few existing circus and, thus, they are on their own, literally.
And it's, I think, a shame as this is a form of art that should be protected and encouraged.

Anyway, it was a good night although a little tiring, but it did worth!

Another thing is that I tryied, today, to install Windows XP Professional in my windows computer, here at work.
I didn't touched the Windows NT 2000 Advanced Server I have here but used, instead, the Windows 98 partition (it had never been properlly installed, though....)
It's apealling, visually, and quite similar to the Windows NT 2000, under the surface (by some reason is just Windows NT 5.1.....) but the fact that the user interface is different can be some "buffeling"....

I'll report more on that latter.

See you all tomorrow!

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I remember going to the circus when I was a little girl, it was always so much fun! Your son will grow up and have many fond memories :)

I really like Windows XP. I usually don't like new things on the computer, but we have XP at the house I am living in right now and it's really great!!

Well, having the fast and powerfull processors we can find nowdays, and the amount of memory that are quite common, it can be really attractive.
But I must go slowlly with it as there are a number of things that are in different places from the Windows NT 2000 I already know and all changes take time to ajust to.

How is it Otis? Like a big terrorist cat? Or is he a little more calm?
My own cats (Blackie Baghera and Vickie -- they are mother and son) sometimes seem like a hurricane!
Othertimes they are just quiet, on a lap, resting as if the world didn' exist outside!.....

And about memories, I do hope I can give them both the best memories, so they can remember them one day latter and pass them to their children, when their time comes.

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