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Current status:
It's enough for today.

There is still a LOT to be done and I could use to do it but I'm too tired to stay here working more on this.
This night I didn't go to bed as I was ready to go only at 4h30 AM and, needing to start working as soon as possible on this, I decided to sleep a little but not go to bed.

So I'm tired and what tires me more is to know that I am not even near the middle of this.

What I've been trying to do carefully not to disrupt anything that was working sudenlly had to be rushed as I can't get any worse than what already have.

Anyway, there is a lot to learn from all this; to see what failed, what hold and build up a DNS foundation that will be more resistent to this type of failures.

I think it's quite normal to centralize all in a network or in a domain but that makes it vulnerable as it makes iteasier to administer;
For the domains I have registered I've always used my main email account and now I can't receive email there. So, I can't use any normal channel to change anything.
Parhaps I might setup different accounts in the future and forward them all to just one; it's just a thought, I don't know if that would be really better or worse.

Anyway, despite all this, it's like after a disaster, always new seeds can be born and grow.
Let's just hope that I'll be able to be a fertil soil to them!

Good night to you all and we'll meet again, here in LJ Land!

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nite nite dear wonderful ONE!

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