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Triad by Enya...
Listening to Triad by Enya on Spinner...

Well, I'm leaving.
See you all tommorow!

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You work too hard...good night.

Well, I don't complain, though.....

In fact, most of the work implies experience and learning and that's what I like to do.
The most I've learned all my life has been throughout experiencing and trying to do things and I do have goals to reach.
So, I can't complain, realy...

And although I would like to have more time for simple development and research, I do need to have an infrastructure before I can go farrer.

Happily I'm finally working in something I like and being paid to do what I've always tried to do.
System's Administration is a harder work than what it seems but it's also what I need to do to be able to have my own servers working properlly and robust.
So I develop the solutions and configurations on work and than I just have to repeat the same for myself, at home...

I guess that if someone really likes what he/she does, it's almost impossible to avoid to work what others, who don't feel the same way, call working too hard... :-)))

By the way, there's something I've been to tell you for a long time and has ever passed from my mind;
I did like the postcart you sent to me and would like to send you some, from here, too.
If you would like that, could you send me your post address to me by email? (ajose@mail.datanet.pt.eu.org)

You should be an academic researcher. You have the passion and dedication. :)

I'll email my address to you. Thanks.

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