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Random thoughts....
Definitively there's a lot of slightly changes going on....

I know that I do have a time frame where I can make those changes without much dificulty but I don't know if I'll be able to acomplish it all in it.

I can't complain, though.
I have a lovely wife and 2 lovely and bright sons (although one is sometimes a genuine restless tiger on the loose... :-)))) ) and life is good.
I don't have everything I would like, nor would wish but, globally, I've been dealing with the questions that keep poping one by one and, honestly, I'm not worst than where I was a few years ago.
More work and things to do, though, but that's what life is all about, isn't it? To conquer and overcome osbtacles on the way? And to learn more and more and be able to do always more that what we were capable of?

I'm not afraid of changes. That's a lesson I've learned a long, long time ago.
But I don't know yet if I'll be able to do all that is expected from me.
Well, I will. Period.

And now, back to work!

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Just really bored at work, so went into random and saying hi to everyone that pops up!!!

so HI!!!

So, Hi to you too!

I'm also at work....
I work with computers and Internet (I'm the System Administrator of the network, here where I work, mainly relating to the Internet access).

My I ask what is your work, that leaves you so bored?

Just curious, anyway.....

Im a shipping manager at a leather manufacturing company, but since sept 11th no one is really purchasing leather jackets. The company has been very slow lately, leaving me with nothing to do at work! So I try to pass my time by playing on the computer and making it look like Im busy.

Looking to be busy (even when someone is not) is always a good thing, as I've learned a long time ago.... :-))))

I've been reading some entries on your LJ and you've made me smile!
So, I've added you to my friend list.
I hope you don't mind...

no problem, i added you too

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