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I've caught and deleted on the mail server 372 virus (Badtrans.gen, Magistr.B, SirCam and SirCam.gen) in a little over than 24 hours!

If we account that each of this virus, which can spread through mail, can generate a number of new virus to new targets which mail address is stored in the victim's address book, how many would have been if these weren't stoped?

And I know that my screening is not yet perfect. While I scan and scan againg, it's possible for small mails to pass....
Happily, infected mails are normaly large.....

Well, back to VirusBuster mode!.... :-)))))

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Well, living and learning!

I've learned more in these last 2 days, screening emails carrying virus than before.
And I'm already seing how should I proceed in orther to make a better screening.

By the way, you have a lovely view from your window!
And I do hope you'll get something tomorrow!
At least, I'll be here wishing you will!

See you tommorow!

Thank you dear wonderful one!!!


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