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(no subject)
Myself: 1 -- Computer: 0

I finally setted the Windows registry right! It fought me hard but after counless time with REGEDIT and with a little help of Norton Utilitie's WinDoctor, I think that (so far) Windows 98 is stable.
Now, I'm re-installing applications and getting enough energy for the next step: Windows 2000 base install.

So, finally, who's in charge? (the computer, of course!..... :-)))) )....

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Have you heard anything positive about the Windows Millennium Edition that's coming out? I hear it should be out soon!

I guess it's best to wait until the patches have been released too, before buying it! LOL!!!

No, not yet... I know it has been promised for soon but I still have to see it to know exactlly what new characteristics/features (if any....) it will bring.

Clearlly, the only reason I still keep with Windows 98 installed is that there are programs that don't run under Windows NT. (Windows 2000 is really NT 5, is based on the core of NT).
The user APIs (at WIN32 APIs are very similiar but there are still differencies).
But of course whenever possible, I'll work either on Windows 2000 (because is more stable and has a number of fetures Windows 98 doesn't have nor will ever have) or under Linux.

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