António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Computer battles....

While listening to "Amazing Grace" (I've just heared "Scotland the Brave"...) I'm thinking on the battles that sometimes are fought inside computers and in computer land!

Well, since yesterday here, at work, we've been under the "attack" of a number of viruses that propagate through email.
Not long ago, the solution was to shutdown the mail server to stop propagation but, since then, I've learned a little bit and I'm more prepared to deal with it.
The antivirus installed on the mail server, while not totally mastered by me, yet, has enabled me to have some barrier without having to shutdown the mail servers or to setup a very small maximum message size....

Of course I'm not heralding victory, if I'll be able to do so, anytime.
But while not being able to do almost anything else while this crisis is going on, I'm more confident that in the future I'll be able to secure all network trafic where it has to pass through; in the servers that act as network routers or application proxies.

And one benefit from this is that I've been learning while things like these happen. So, next time (and unfortunelly, there will always be a next time.... :-(( ) I'll know more and will be more able to deal with this type (and, hopefully, others) of threats and events....

Well, let's go back to may new function.... Virusbuster!
Yes, I just might pick up the Ghostbuster song and rephrase it to get a new hymn to my job... Virusbuster!

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