António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Another weekend....

Another weekwnd has passed and all time was spent doing things at home.

Sometimes I wish I could have some clones of myself, so I could just be able to do more than what I normally am....
But with so many things waiting for me to be done, it's dificult to keep with all up to date, unfortunelly.

Well, I think I can't complain, though....
Options do have consequences but I wouldn't change all that is waiting to be done by me for not having my wife and my children!
All the work they imply realy is nothing comparing with what I feel when I see them grow and learning new things....

Well, I'm almost starting the night time routines and I should realy come here after they are sleeping and try to stay here all night and do something.... But, probably I won't.

So, to you all, a very good night and we'll meet, again, tomorrow, here in LJ land!

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