António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

This weekend was just almost spent fighting against the problem I stiil have on the computer....
It was not all wasted as I think I know (at least I have an idea...) what is the cause of the problem. But it stiil hurts to have spent all that time and yet have the problem to be solved!

I'm working with Windows 2000 Professional and in the Computer Manegment program it hungs whenever I try to access the item to see which partitions and space I have in each disk.
Beeing NT based, it doesn't bring the whole system down but it stops me from installing the necessary drivers for the UDMA-66 IDE controllers.
It correctly detects the hardware but whenever is going to install the driver it hungs and doesn't finish, so I'll have to end up killing the whole process!
Result: I can't access part of the resources I have.

I'm going to stop for now as work has beeing pilling up here; will be back latter and will try first a re-instalation of Windows and if it doesn't work, wwll, damn it, it will be base install!
(I'll have to re-install alll the applications but I've spent to much time with thios already!)

There are other things I would like to taks about and do but right now is back to work or I'll only be able to chatch up when days have already 26 hours each!... :-((

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