António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

This weekend was completely away from computers.
Not that I didn't have anything to do, but I just didn't have any time left to do it.

But the closet I was building in the bedroom is finished and ready to start being used.

In the night of Saturday to Sunday, there was a lot of rain, strong wind and thunder and there was on the news that near by where I live some trees fell down, crushing the curs parked under them.
Fortunely nothing like that happend on my building but no one is really free from something like that.
This kind of combination between strong winds, lots and lots of rain, can do some damages, although normaly they are very, very localized.

Anyway, things are going on.
Two sons are quite a lot of work but far from complaining, I always surprised by the challanges the eldest (so far) is always puting ahead of me! :-)))))
Weren't him so stubourn and a lot would be easier; but he is the way he is and has to lear to deal and live with it.

Well, I'm going to get back to work but I just want to wish you all a very good rest of day, where ever you are, and we'll see again, later, here in LJ land....

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