António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Last night I was reading about a C programming book, specialy in the chapter where examples of how the C code is compiled and one thing that pops to my mind is that for simple functions there are more instructions to put the parameters onto the stack and retrive te results from there than just the function that is called!...

If I didn't knew it already, the most eficient way to use data is by implicit access through a data stack.
Right, C has a data stack (mingled with the return stack, thus the bufer overflow expoits...) but it is just to pass parameters, hot where data exists...

Anyway, I'm going to lear a little more C (beside the fact that I don't like the linguage nor the way it was implemented -- there are much more efficient ways to use resources...) but Apache and other software is written in C and, thus, I have to cope with it in order to be able to develop modules to it....

Well, work is done, for today, and I'm almost leaving the office.
Let's see what I can make at home, this weekend, and next monday, I'll be back here, continuing the work.

Anyway, I do wish a very good rest of day to you all and a better weekend!
And we'll meet again, latter, here in LJ land!

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