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How everything is going....

Well, I haven't disapeared from this Earth!

I've been quite busy at work implementing a number of structural changes that are needed here in order to be possible to grow in the future.

At the same time, I've been instaling and configuring my new computers here; I'll have both a Windows computer and a Linux one as that is what I need to continue with development already started.

I have changed the place where I'm working but I'm doing essentialy the same: Network Administration and in the time that remains, I do intend to keep working on development.
I do have some projects yet waiting to be completed and that can be of good use once they are ready. So I expect to be able do finish them here.

As to the environment, I like to be here.
I know a number of persorns here for a long time as I've been working for here by contract since 1996, when I setup their access to the Internet.
Now things have grown and I'm glad to be here and just hope that things can keep like this for a long time.

On another subject my 2 boiz (like corto uses to say -- may I borrow the expression?) are well and growing.
It's a little demanding (like any parent will undoubtly know) but I don't complain!
What I feel when I see them growing and becoming more and more capable of doing things on their own it's, at least for me, justification enough for everything already done.

Well, I'm almost at my lunch hour and I think I'll go in a short while as the Windows computer is transfering some files from the Linux computer, at the side, and as soon it finishes I'll have to reboot it. By some yet unknown reason, one of the fonts is not being rendered on the display properly and because of this the output of the Internet Explorer is not possible to be read if it has text.... :-((((
If this computer had Windows 9.x I would say it was due to lack of SYSTEM or USER resources. But being Windows NT 2000, I don't know the reason; in fact, I don't care.
As soon as possible, I'll reboot it and the problem will be solded, I hope.

Well, I wish a very good day to you all and I'll see you latter here in LJ land!

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