António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

So long....

I'm sorry for the time I was without posting but a lot has happened.

Last week I ended up being in Portalegre (210 km from Lisbon) upgrading a server's OS and making some other changes and I was supposed to change also the ISP to which it is connected.
But no one would imagine what was necessary just to get the router's password!
The original setup was made by those who installed it and instead of giving the routers's password to the enterprise which had bought it, they just stored it away, in secret and no one could either remember it or wanted to have the responsibility to give it.
Of course that is my own interpretation of the facts, but it does match exactly what happened.

Finally, at Thursday afternoon, with some help through telephone, I cleared ALL the router's information and it was programmed from scratch.

But I couldn't setup the new ISP as I was still missing the new LAN addresses they were supposed to have attributed when they setup their side.....

Anyway, those addresses arrive only Friday morning, when I was leaving...

So, now, or I'm able to make the changes from here (which is risky and I don't have a complete probability of success), or I'll have to go there again!

Without all that, everything is going as expected, with only to much to do at home....
My youngest is using up all our "resources" as it would be expected, but adding to the oldest, it's quite demanding.
I'm not complaining; I knew it could and probably would be like this!
It's just that she isn't getting as much sleep as she would need and there is nothing I can do to change it.
I'm always at her side to help her but this is quite trying....

Any way, I have 2 wonderful sons, the most lovely wife one could ask for and I'm just about to enter in a new period of my life.
So, I'm truly confident that despite any obstacle I might find in my way, the way is just all way a head!

See you all latter, here in LJ land!

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