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Saturday afternoon.....

Everything is quite, here at home.

My eldest and my youngest are both sleeping their afternoon naps and their mother is also resting, to re-gain some of the spent strengths....

So here I am, at the computers, and since I can't read LJ right now, I'm going to work a little more in the changes and upgrades to the servers.
I have to see what there is in a number of hadrdisks that aren't used quite in a while, so I can have them free for use whenever is necessary without losing their contents (they will be recorded onto CD).

No time to work in development (unfortunately) but right now the servers are more important.

All the urgent problems are solved (that I know of) so the next step is the upgrade of the whole structure.

And I'm not going to worry to much about EV/ED anymore.....
There are people there that to deserve all my respect but (and I'm truly sorry to have to say that) I can't extend that to ALL of them...

Anyway, life's path is always forward and I can't change anything about it.
I'm going to try to go on without asking for the money that it is to be paid almost for 10 months.... I would like to see how far it can goes!
It can't hurt more than what already has, so it's time to "enjoy the show" if I can manage it.....

But I would like to wish you all a very good and productive day/afternoon!

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