António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Lets see if I can recover some of the delay that happened in concequence of the dificulties I had in making the Internet connection in the enterprise's office (which at the moment is not permanent) work more reliabilly....
There are, some times, many framming errors and that makes the connection be slow.
Now I have already the possibility of choice between 2 ISPs but I must make that choice wider, at least until I can have a permannent connection.

I must leave this ready as soon as possible, as I have programming to be done and other things waiting to be finished!

It's very hard for most peolple understand how sometimes sthings that are simple, can take so much time when they don't work or become right at 1st try...
That's mainelly what gives me only half victories; to be advancing but, yet, still to slow for what I would like or feel necessary....

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