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Do you know what I'm doing right now?

Well, taking advantage from the fact that I'm here, near the computer, working a little, this nigh, I have my youngest, here with me, so his mother can sleep a little!

Last night and all day, yesterday, he was waking up hourly and wanted to eat more (or should I say to drink?....)
He is going to be one month old next day 25 but I can already see the difference in size and weight; I think that this is his 1st "jump" in his growing.

Anyway, I proposed this as it's quite hard to see her tired, all day, without being able to sleep as much as she needs.
In fact, she should be able to get to sleep almost instantaneously, as I can when I'm tired, but it is not that way, unfortunately.

Anyway, I certainly don't care nor mind to be with my son and feed him whenever he demands it, so she can sleep what she needs.
Being a father is to be present and I do intend to use every day I still have and can be here at home, to help as much as possible, although some stuff I have to do will see some delays, because as soon I start working again (and the Gods know how that is necessary, for the much I would like to be possible to be with them all the time, for a long, long time) I'll be very much more limited in time and energy!

Even yesterday, on the afternoon, I should have used the time I had while everyone was sleeping to do things I have to finish but I was so tired that the only thing I could do was to lay down in the coach and have a nap, too!

Anyway, I'm not complaining though.
Although I can worry quite a lot about what happens and what is to happen I always try to not let anything be perceptible outside as it won't make any good to anyone to increase the worries that someone already have, be them justified or not.

So, let's see what tomorrow brings as I'm waiting for a phone call that will decide what I'm going to do next and in the following months.
And while it doesn't arrive, the best thing I can do is to carry on with what I have already in my hands!....

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