António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

DNS problems....

When Teleweb (a Portuguese ISP) went out of business, two DNS servers just vanished from the Internet map all the sudden, leaving countless of domains just unheld.

From those I took into my hands 13 and reallocated the DNS servers from Teleweb's to my own.
The problems started by the fact that the addresses were registered with Network Solutions and since they have lost the monopoly on the .com domains, they only accept as DNS servers registered with them.

So I had to use the only one I had at the time and had to register another one, one the same domain (the addresses I use are free domains they do not recognize, at least so far), not knowing that same domain has failures on it self as the person that owns the domain, when renewed it, decided to handle it alone and made errors in the information about the DNS servers that held the DNS information to it.

I only discovered it yesterday but all it's corrected now, though, even at an expense of $10.00 that could have perfectelly been avoided if everything would have been handled the way it soul.....

Anyway, that's handle, already, so now I can concentrate on my next step, which is the re-installation of the servers and to did cover why one of them has been mysteriously failing....

But that is for tomorrow.
Now, I'm going to star my nightly routines (like corto calls it) and put my two sons to bed.....

Anyway, a very good night to you all and we will meet tomorrow, here on LJ land....

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