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It's a baby boy!
It's a baby boy, born yesterday at 15h 40m, with 51 cm and 3,650 kg!

He is wealthy and his mother is fine, also.
I have to go as I still have on billion things to get done today!.....

(Who said a father's life is easy?... :-)))) )

And now I can also say as corto uses to say and say I have to take care of my boiz.....

See you all latter!

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Congratulations to you & your wife Antonio! That's wonderful news... :)

(we'll look forward to some pics!!)


As soon I have the first photos, I'll post some, promise!

Hi Antonio, congratulations to you and your family! I'm so happy to hear that all went well and am sending BIG HUGS your way!!


Thanks for ALL the hugs!
They were trully appreciated!

And everything is well; now starts the most hard part, the one that goes for life! :-))

Thats fantastic news. I'm thrilled your wife and son are fine. How does the big brother like his little baby brother? Post some pics for us as soon as you can.

Gabriel loves his new brother very much.
About the pictures, I'll post some as soon as I have them!

Muito obrigado!
De todos ns!

(Deleted comment)

And yes, I'll post some pictures as soon as I have them!

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