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(no subject)
At home, working.....

Well, today I couldn't go to the office as in this days that precede the arrive of the new baby there is SO much to be done!

And we were thinking that it would only be delivered in August but he/she is quite big and it will happen surely sooner. So, there is a lot of "last minute" things to be dealt with....

I phoned to the office, saying I'd be working from home and indeed events have already arrived to need for my intervention.... :-))
Thanks to ALL the Gods for Internet and the possibility to not be tied to just a particular spot!

Well, I have to go (much waiting to be done) but I would like to wish to you all, here in LJ land, a very good, easy and productive day!
See you all latter....

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I hope the baby arrives all safe and sound. Have you decided on any names for him/her?

If the baby is a girl will be named Estef�nia Beatriz and if it is a boy will be Rafael Duarte...

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