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Faxserver up and running!.....

Well, at least, to send from the faxserver itself!

This whole faxserver issue does bring me back some memories as I have had setup a similar faxserver at home back in 1995/1996 with HylaFax 3.....
Now it is in version 4 and I'm recalling the learnt experience back then to setup a faxserver here.

The week part is, still, the client interface although there is already a lot of work done in that area. But there is not an "universal answer" to it, so I might just use the pieces of code I've found to assemble a client myself, that will run on Windows, as a special printer and a web version to send and receive faxes.

But I'm happy that I wasn't stopped with trivial issues and that the send worked at first run!

(I do remember still the long hours and days, back in 1995/1996, when I first attempted to do this!....)

But, on another color, I do want to wish you all a very good and productive day!

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