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Good morning!
Good morning to all here in LJ land!

It's sunny, here in this piece of our planet and probably it will be a hot day, just like yesterday....
Anyway, it's summer. here!

How do I teach how to know how to wait to my little son?
Having it myself, no doubt!
He is so impetuous! He has just arrived here, near me, and asked for 2 little gummy bairs. I said, ok, sure, wait a little and I'm going to get them for you.
I kept writting here and a few seconds, he asks for them again.
Again I told him to wait a little that I would be going to get them for him in a short while after I finished what I was abot to write....
I also added that he could wait a little as it wasn't something urgent and from which his life or somebody else's were depending but he didn't llike the observations.....
He just went away furious, saying that he didn't want them any more!

He has such a temper!
I have no doubt that if he learns how to control his temper he can do just anything!

But until then, let the Gods give us the necessary pacience and energy to ride along with him! :-)))