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Dinossaur, the movie...

I went today with my son to the cinema, this mornig, to see the Dinossaur film.
He had never went to the cinema before and I think that, for a premiere, it was quite good.

I had never saw before the film but I was truly impressed by the quality of the animation!
I sware! If I didn't know beter and I didn't know that dinossaurs are extinct over 65 milion years, I would bet that they had found a place on earth with living dinossaurs!

I don't know why but I must confess that the film did brought tears to my eyes; it was not for the story itself, it's not a sad story.
I think that it has something to do with the greatness of the views and the music that is played along.

I've noticed, for a long time, that some types of music and some instruments do touch me very, very deep inside and it is very dificult to avoid some tears on my eyes...
Not because I'm sad; just because in some way, it realy touches me, somehow and it is quite impossible to stay indiferent to it.

Well, once again it hapen today and I was almost quite embaraced that I had to be cleaning my eys when the film did end.....
Not that I cared to much that someone would be watching; if someone was, then it's one of 2 possibilities: or that person understands why and won't think as strange, or doesn't and, then, I couldn't care less for it.

But he did enjoy the film. So I'm expecting to hear quite soon the request from him to go to see other films.... :-))))

The reset of the day went normaly and now, in a short while, I'll be starting the "sleeping routine", like corto refered in his lj....

Anyway, I do wish a very good night to you all, here in LJ land!
See you all tomorrow!
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