December 4th, 2006

Spam & Ham

This weekend, here in Portugal, was an extended one.

Last Friday was a holiday (Independence Day, celebrating December 1st, 1640 when we became independent again after 60 years of union with Spain), so there were 3 days to monitor SPAM from home.

And the situation is becoming "interesting".... :-)

But, at least, by writting some specific SpamAssassin rules I'm being able to hold the detection of SPAM in about 65-73%, which is very good.

Rightnow we are aproaching noon, a mail "rush hour" where, last week, I always had the inner inbound mail server not being able to hold on and started building up an increasing input queue.

Let's see how everything goes, today, with a lot of new rules already in action...
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(no subject)

It's nice to have some kind of warning when the load on your computer starts rising because of a runway application starts eating all your memory....

At least (having a lot of memory and swap) I have a little time oportunity to try to kill it before it brings the whole computer to a halt... :-)
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