October 31st, 2006

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From SlashDot... On about 'Vista to allow only "One Significant" Hardware modification...

"Last Week, our phone guy decided to reinstall the OS on our main voice mail server. Since it was running a 'lowly' copy of the Windows 200 Pro, he decided that it needed a 'server-grade' OS, and bought Microsoft Windows 2003 Server for Small Businesses. He installed in near the end of the week, and them took time off to put a new roof in his house.

Well, this morning, the machine in question shut itself off. I turned it on, it shut itself off again in a couple of hours. I looked in the event log, and found that the machine was turning itself off because we violated the EULA by not setting it up as a domain controller.

Yep. Just because we didn't need to autenticate users, the machine keeps shutting itself off. Isn't that user-fiendly?"

Of course, I'm the "crazy one", here and anywhere, for not trusting what big corporations do with their closed source productus and by deciding, by themselves, what I CAN or not CAN do with the software they want me to use to solve what I have to do....

That's why I ended up, here, to be just the little pinguin.... :-)
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