October 27th, 2006

Good morning!

Good morning, in first place!

One intriguing thing that happened yesterday was that on the server I have all the final mail accounts, and where every user goes to fetch then through POP-3, xinetd died sometimes, without any visible reason and, thus, the pop-3 server stopped being launched.

I didn't do a full reboot to the server has, with eventual involved fsck, it could take 4 to 5 minutes to complete and that is not something I'll do lightly during the day on a server where, at least every second someone comes to see if it has mail....

Today it seems to be quiter but, still, I did not understood WHY it behaved the way it did yesterday and, trully, that is something I do not like -- not to know WHY.

andromeda (the old one, that is) is trully on of the servers to be replaced as soon as possible as it is working with more that the double of the mail accounts it was planned for...
But, before that, I do must learn how to master Cyrus-IMAP -- it's much more superior and scalable but, on it's own, it's more complex to master.
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