October 25th, 2006

Bumby start of day...

This morning we had scheduled an intervention in one of the 4 circuits that connect us here, at work, to the Internet.

It was scheduled to 8.00 AM and expected to last up to 1 hour.

About 8.50, still from home, I tried to access 2 web sites we have on 2 servers on that circuit and.... nothing!
I called work (I had, already some colegues here) and they were saying they couldn't reach register.com (where the relevant DNS for some of our domains are).

I tried from home and, the same.

This is a type of problem we can't do anything about although being register.com a BIG registrar, we can expect that any problem is going to be solved as quicly as they can!

Anyway, I don't have a global solution for this; the best thing is to have the DNS have has many secondaries as possible and on diferent portions and segments of the Internet. But that, also, is not a simple thing to do as if I can see the advantages from that (in terms of resiliance and gracefull degrading) its always hard to explain why we, as an enterprise, would spend more money when with less we can have everyting working.... (at least until something like this one happens, I might add)
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Reading news on /. ...

Realy, it's one of the best places I know to keep up with what is happening (mainly in the technical part...) nut I don't have time to go in-depth in the comments...

Any way, ready to go out (12h24) to have lunch.
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