October 18th, 2006

Being the 1st one to test what I do.... :-)

Routing all mail accounts I receive through the mailserver (MailScanner + sendmail + MailWatch) on my computer...

It's something I've thought a long time ago but I'm finaly bringing to day light.

Anyway, it's an interesting experience and, at the same time, a way to test my MaqilScanner as what I'm learning with this version will, very soon, find it's way into to pruduction mail servers to receive ALL the mail we receive here, where I work (a lot of load, I can say...)
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(no subject)

Almost ready to get out from here and go home....

A long day but I made some important progresses on the configuration.
So, now, I only have to deal with the way to sincronize mail accounts between 2 servers so I only configure them onece and they are done on both (while I don't have NDRAMS ready yet....)
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