April 17th, 2006

Books, books and more books!

This Easter weekend has been spent sorting books and finding ways to place them in the space we have, at home....

I do need a bigger house!
One where I could have a room or two just dedicated to the Library!...

I just hope that Gabriel and Rafael will become "addicted" to reading, soon... :-)
Well, to be honest, Gabriel already reads (although he could read more) and Rafael has yet to learn to read but it won't be in a too far moment in time, from now, I hope!...

Another thing I need, also, is to develop an application (it will be, no doubtly WEB based) to register there the Library Database as to have it in cards and done manualy do need to much energy and effort to be mantained.

Anyway, a good day to all and back to work, here!
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