April 6th, 2004


My newest battle has been in learnig how to deploy a LDAP server and insert content into it.
Unfortunely, right now, I can't spend all the time necessary as the relocation of our Data Center and all the preparatory works that has to be done by May, 12 do come first, but as much I read about it I realise that is realy the way to go.

Not only for the email accounts (it would give me a physical server independent place to have the user data) as for a number of other information items that must be stored in a place where structure can be preserved and that can be easily integrated into normal applications.

It seems that I'm always pushing into new frontiers; as here already we are working with RDBMS, I'm just starting already into a new world....

Well, I'll manage it. It's just a question of time, realy!