July 5th, 2002

Columbus egg....

I've been bufled why the Smoothwall I installed here, in the new outgoing path, couldn't be reached from the outside nor was able to communicate with the outside world while still totally accessible from the inside in either it's green and red interfaces.

And, suddenlly it occourred to me to se which default route it had.

It had one but was wrong. So I corrected it (by hand, so far) and bingo! Now it can be accessed!

So, I'm also on the go on that front!
In fact, I'm already using it as the outgoing path from my computer.
Nothing as testing everything thouroughly before commite it into the main stream, isn't it?

Well back to work!
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    Wolfstone - Zeto

Going out...

Almost leaving the office for today.
I haven't been able to do everything I wanted to do but the most important part is done.
So, I'm heading home and I hope that this weekend I'll be able to work on the computers at home...

I'll tell you latter if I was able to do it or not... :-)))

see you all latter!