May 17th, 2002

I did it....

Although NT is suposed to have the possibility to kill an application that stopped respondig or otherwise is misbehaving, sometimes they just can't be killed as they are reported as being debug and, thus, the only available option is to reboot the computer.

I had, this morning, one aplication that was occupying 140MBytes of virtual memory space and I had 5 instances of it.
To make it worse, everytime I tryied to kill it it oppened the debuger (I have development tools here, on this computer) so I was seeing as the only option to have to reboot the computer.
But I didn't surrender and I managed to find out hou to kill the offending application without the need of a reboot.

I know it is not much but, nevertheless, it makes me happy!

So I can now go for rebbot if I want to, not beeing obliged to do so!

On another front, I do wish you all a very good and productive day!
I'm about to go to lunch and then, back to work.

TG and EV, now ED....

Finaly the arizona is going to be shutdown.

What is funny is to see how, sudenlly, they are in a hurry to solve the issue and get all over.
I had never seen this "hurry" before... :-))

I just don't get it.
Why does he behave the way he does? I do consider him an honest person. But, from the whole time I've known him, it realy started to seam to me that he puts his own view of the world and everything "ber alles"...

Am I right?
I don't know and probably I'll never know for sure.

One thing is certain; I don't trust who doesn't trust me so let us have it this way...
One thing in one hand and the other in the other.

And, I hope, I'll be able to close this all set of events and start writing it's history....
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