March 25th, 2002

On a test bench....

Day by day I'm becoming more and more aware of what does take to educate and teach some one, a child, for example.

Gabriel is smart, intelligent, and quite master of his own nose which makes it all quite much more complex. But, at the same time, much more challenging.
Today, again, he decided not to sleep a little in the afternoon and, thus, when we both goy out, by 20h, we was becoming over excited and hard to keep on track.
So far, the best way I know of to stopping from having a "meltdown" is a mixture of a firm hand and, at the same time, be gentle and, mainly, acting towards him in a way strictly conformant with the way he is acting.
For example, if he refuses to sleep in the afternoon, in his own will (or stubbornness), I 'm not going to accept his "getting accelerated" because he is becoming over excited (for being tired), and will remember that to him.
So far, it seems to be working.
I've also found that modeling my voice from a harsh one (which he doesn't like at all) to a soft one (possibly interleaved) seems to help and I think that he is realizing that, at least with me, he is treated fairly but according to his behavior....

And, now to myself, isn't that what a parent is supposed to do?
Quite often I find myself quite aware how I'm behaving by letting pass or not what he is doing; suggesting and/or negotiating alternatives and, mainly, controlling my own face while he is looking at me to see what he can say and or do and what is my own reaction to whatever he says or does....

And, although quite tiring, this is also an splendid opportunity to learn about myself, and I wouldn't change this for the word!

(no subject)

Inbound net traffic at 3 Kbytes/s and listening to music from Spinner.

Whoever said that this needed broadband?
(of course that I configured it for a 28,8K modem... :-)))) -- It's more than enough to listen to!)

And, also, hurray for the compression techniques that have been developed in the past few years!

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For a moment I got scared....
I couldn't log into one of my servers through SSH with putty!....

But I could make a telnet.
So I diged a little for the cause and it just occurred to me that the version of putty I had in this computer might be an old one without support for SSH-2.

And indeed I was right.
I upgraded the SSH server just to talk in SSH-2 in order to be away from an exploit that can be done with certain versions of the SSH server when talking in SSH.-1

Well, that's a relief!


Another site operational in the Pegassus server.
This should have been done sometime ago but the domain had to be re-registered, and that delayed everything.
But it's operational now and now I'm going to rest for a little.

See you all tomorrow!