January 8th, 2002

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Today the work went without surprises.
In fact since the intrevention in the computer, yesterday, it seems to be working a lot better.

I have to conclude that the failure was due problems in the ribbon cable from the secondary controller to the 3rd disk and the CD-R.
Anyway, I've already swaped the 26 GB and the 20 GB disks so, now I have the 26 GB disk as the second disk. And, in sequence, I was able to connect the DVD-ROM drive I got for Christmas!

(No DVD films yet but I might try it som day....)

In another side, I've been choosing the new hardware for the internal servers, here.
From the Compaq catalog its funny how prices go for different hardware (and I'm only talking about server grade hardware)....
And the most funny of all is the ammount that someone has to pay for a server that can be upgrade later. Only that when the time for the upgrade finally comes, probably that hardware is already decontinued and there are no parts for the upgrade at all!

(no subject)

It's good to be able to record CDs again without any problem.

I've now to go through the amount that has been waiting to be burned!
So, I'm lefting the computer working and recordig.

See you all tomorow!