January 2nd, 2002


Postscript is fun.
For someone who knows who to program in Forth is almost intuitive.
I only lacked a good tutourial and reference for the language, which I've just found.

So, let's keep postscripting.....
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I'm almost out from the ofice for today.

This was a busy day but without many surprises.
One thing that is to note is that this was (in practice) the 1st day to deal with (euros) as currency.
I'm going to put aside a set of coins, shining new!
Never saw coins so, so bright!

I heared that only yesterday the ATMs had dispensed 30.000.000 !
I don't know how the other 11 countries that also have are doing but, my guess is that here we will adapt quicly!
In one thing we are good; to adapt quicly to something new and to improvise when something isn't working! :-)))

Well, a good night to you all, here in LJ land!