December 30th, 2001

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I can't agree more with this post!

But, at the same time, I think that LJ, like anything else who empowers someone, it's just an amplifier.
If someone has in general positive thoughts and atitudes in his/hers life, that will reflect here.
If someone if normaly a person centred in his/hers self problems, it will also reflect here.

The question is that LJ can reach so many different and physically appart (thus with totally different cultural backgrounds and different life experiences) people at once!
But, personally, I think that this, as a tool, is as useful as one is able to use it for usefull purpouses of communication and self learning and growing!

(no subject)

Downloading some images for buttons whileformating CD-RWs.....

And, in the meanwhile, cleaning here the home office!

A good Sunday to you all!