December 21st, 2001

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I have always such a hard time to get up.
It's not something new; I do remember, when I was a child, how hard it was to me to get up from bed. And how deep my sleep was.
Now, I can be awake very easily but from there to be able to get up and open my eyes, that's another completely diferent story!

Anyway, today there is a little sun, although with some clouds in the sky, but it's cold

Damn! Cold but no snow!!!

Anyway, I'm going to have lunch, now, and I'll be back here latter!

A good day to you all, whereever you are!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Rob!!!

That this new year brings you all you want and desire and not so many headaches with these little or big stubborn metal boxes oftenly know as computers!

Have a nice birthday!


Going to get something to eat.... (well that was supposed to be lunch but at almost 5 o'clock in the afternoon, can't call it that, can I?...)

Back soon...

(no subject)

I'm uploading one of the directories with files for the DNS server onto my main DNS server (yes, the one that has desapeared due the error someone did!).

It's a lot of work to go through everfile and make changes so that I can make the domains have a SOA on the server's new name but, what the hell!, what else can I do but that?

It is already 10 (TEN!) days the problem pressists and I didn't got an answer to any of the mails I sent.
I can understand how there is priorities and my problem, although quite important to me, is probably one on may other problems to be solved.
I also have my job and all this work on my servers are made on the time that remains.
But, damn it! It hurts to know what is the problem and be totally powerless to solve it!

Never mind. I'll account it to the experience account.
In fact I've learned a lot about DNS and DNS servers on the past 10 days.
I'm also making the long planed structural changes without the fear of breaking something as it is already broken and can't get more broken.

As soon as the files are uploaded, and I can restart the DNS server, I'm going home!

See you all latter!