December 19th, 2001

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I've been specially busy in these last days and almost no time has been available for LJ... :-((

That's something I do regret but can't change right now.

Anyway, yesterday was a special day as I went with my wife and my eldest to the circus!
And it was good!
This is one of the few circus that do exist here in Portugal where, unfortunelly, there is no real support to any one of the few existing circus and, thus, they are on their own, literally.
And it's, I think, a shame as this is a form of art that should be protected and encouraged.

Anyway, it was a good night although a little tiring, but it did worth!

Another thing is that I tryied, today, to install Windows XP Professional in my windows computer, here at work.
I didn't touched the Windows NT 2000 Advanced Server I have here but used, instead, the Windows 98 partition (it had never been properlly installed, though....)
It's apealling, visually, and quite similar to the Windows NT 2000, under the surface (by some reason is just Windows NT 5.1.....) but the fact that the user interface is different can be some "buffeling"....

I'll report more on that latter.

See you all tomorrow!

Tubular Bells III....

Listening to Tubular Bells III by Mike Oldfield.

Only the other day I found this CD that I didn't knew where it was....
So, today I put it on the CD player (well, CD-ROM reader, to be more precise... :-))) ), and I'm now listening to it and seing some memories coming to mind....

It's just incredible the power music has of invocation (on me, at least!)....
How, just listeing to something I used to listening some time back, all the memories, the ambiance and everything that I was fealing, doing or thinking at that time, just comes again to the mind....

Well, I'm leaving the office for today.
I still want to be alble to work a little at home on my Mex4thOS.

See you all tommorow!
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