December 15th, 2001

Saturday evening....

It's almost 20.00 and I'm here at the office, with my eldest, and about to go home.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling ok, I endup with a huge headache, so I didn't even went to the anual dinner.
It would be my 1st time and I wanted to go but wasn't feeling in conditions of going.

So I came here, this afternoon, at least to read email and finish some things that were left uncomplete and now I'm algost ready to go.

My eldest son LOVES to go un the underground, so I didn't bring the car.
And now we are almost ready to face again the cold outside. He is getting tired of being here and I'm not quite 100% from this cold I got.....

Anyway, I'm planing to come here again tomorrow (I could use it, no doubtly) but we will see.

And to you all, I do wish a very good rest of day and we'll meet again, here, in LJ land!