December 13th, 2001

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Well, I'm uploading the files for one of the DNS servers, changed to go arround the problem that happened.

Which, by the way, it's not solved yet.

I'm not new in the Internet. In fact, before getting access to the Internet, back in 1993, I was already arround communications with modems and BBSs (anyone remembers them?) and even participated in the experimental period ox the X.400 email system, here in Portugal (which is more than dead now, as far as I know of....)
So I understand how the Internet works and that, as a network of networks, depends on many people cooperating.
Eachone is responsible for just a part of the whole and is reponsible to maintain working things downwords while depending on others upwards to do their part.

I've chose to host my own DNS as here in Portugal, the main resgistrar can't be considered a model although right now is MUCH, MUCH better!
So, I'm hosting it from a free service (EU.ORG) which has been working so far until the error made 2 days ago.

Of course that I don't DEMAND a resolution. I'm trying to reach some one who can put evrything like it was before the error.

Well, enough of this rant.
I knew that I had this week point and although already working to correct it, without disrupting anything, once that happened, I can't go worse.

Well, back to work.

Email change (forced to!....)

Instead of '' please any one interested in sending email to me, use '' instead while the problem with the '' domains subsists.

It will end in the same mailbox. Just the domain is different.



The amount of changes that are lock just because I can't receive mail on my normal email address is just amazing!

Well, we learn with the problems, won't we?

Remaind to self: Use more redundancy! :-)))))
And, by the way, learn the others failures so you can try not to be affcted by them!

Current status:

It's enough for today.

There is still a LOT to be done and I could use to do it but I'm too tired to stay here working more on this.
This night I didn't go to bed as I was ready to go only at 4h30 AM and, needing to start working as soon as possible on this, I decided to sleep a little but not go to bed.

So I'm tired and what tires me more is to know that I am not even near the middle of this.

What I've been trying to do carefully not to disrupt anything that was working sudenlly had to be rushed as I can't get any worse than what already have.

Anyway, there is a lot to learn from all this; to see what failed, what hold and build up a DNS foundation that will be more resistent to this type of failures.

I think it's quite normal to centralize all in a network or in a domain but that makes it vulnerable as it makes iteasier to administer;
For the domains I have registered I've always used my main email account and now I can't receive email there. So, I can't use any normal channel to change anything.
Parhaps I might setup different accounts in the future and forward them all to just one; it's just a thought, I don't know if that would be really better or worse.

Anyway, despite all this, it's like after a disaster, always new seeds can be born and grow.
Let's just hope that I'll be able to be a fertil soil to them!

Good night to you all and we'll meet again, here in LJ Land!