December 12th, 2001

I've been zapped from the Internet!

It happened.
The DNS server where I have all the DNS information for all my domains and the ones I provide DNS information for have just disapeared!


Because someone at the has entered the wrong IP address for!
That's why!
And had entered an IP address that isn't used almost for 3 years now!

So, I have ALL servers and DNS servers and they can't just be found becaus the DNS resolution points to an old IP address which isn't used by me for more than 3 years!

That is, probably the worst thing that could happen.
I'm now working on several fronts in trying to correct the problem, re-register the domains in other SOA address, etc but is all takes time.
And, meanwhile, EVERYTHING is unacessibel.

And I'm learning the bitter trusth about DNS registrars and respective support (at first place, I do put Portugal's main registar, FCCN).

Probably some time latter I'll find some strength and courage to laugh about this but not now!


Something that REALY pisses me of is someone telling me, in a middle of a crisis that 'with other's problems I can do perfectly' while wanting me to solve theirs!

It realy makes me want to reply the same way although, by nature, I'm not like that and I realy carry about all and try to solve them all...

Anyway, one's actions do stay with the one how does them, isn't it?

And might happen that someone else just gives him the same treatment....