November 7th, 2001

Computer battles....

While listening to "Amazing Grace" (I've just heared "Scotland the Brave"...) I'm thinking on the battles that sometimes are fought inside computers and in computer land!

Well, since yesterday here, at work, we've been under the "attack" of a number of viruses that propagate through email.
Not long ago, the solution was to shutdown the mail server to stop propagation but, since then, I've learned a little bit and I'm more prepared to deal with it.
The antivirus installed on the mail server, while not totally mastered by me, yet, has enabled me to have some barrier without having to shutdown the mail servers or to setup a very small maximum message size....

Of course I'm not heralding victory, if I'll be able to do so, anytime.
But while not being able to do almost anything else while this crisis is going on, I'm more confident that in the future I'll be able to secure all network trafic where it has to pass through; in the servers that act as network routers or application proxies.

And one benefit from this is that I've been learning while things like these happen. So, next time (and unfortunelly, there will always be a next time.... :-(( ) I'll know more and will be more able to deal with this type (and, hopefully, others) of threats and events....

Well, let's go back to may new function.... Virusbuster!
Yes, I just might pick up the Ghostbuster song and rephrase it to get a new hymn to my job... Virusbuster!

An action day....

Well, we still have (at least) on computer infected.

But somethings have been proved to me, during this.
The fact is that the screening at the mail server is the most strongest defense aginst this type of problem.
Something I knew for a long time and that now has been completelly proved.
And all with having the mail system working; so I bet that most users aren't even aware of the crisis! Which is very good.

I can't depend on the Anti Virus software on the clients only.
It takes only one failure to run the AV or the virus definition file not being update and here we go again on the Virus Marry Go Round!....

Well, this is, nevertheless, a wired sense of fun! (at least for those who don't have anything else to care for!....)


I've caught and deleted on the mail server 372 virus (Badtrans.gen, Magistr.B, SirCam and SirCam.gen) in a little over than 24 hours!

If we account that each of this virus, which can spread through mail, can generate a number of new virus to new targets which mail address is stored in the victim's address book, how many would have been if these weren't stoped?

And I know that my screening is not yet perfect. While I scan and scan againg, it's possible for small mails to pass....
Happily, infected mails are normaly large.....

Well, back to VirusBuster mode!.... :-)))))

(no subject)

I'm almost leaving here, for today.

I'm leaving the mail scaning on as I still have a SirCam tempest ongoing.....

But a good thing I've just learned is that the email that SirCam is trying to send is about 3,5 Mbytes and thus doesn't pass the 1,5 Mbyte limit I have on the mail server!

Stupid virus! It serves you well!

See you all tomorrow, here in LJ land!